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How to build an emotional report

How to build a report based on the emotional data given by the API?

An overview of the emotional response can be calculated very easily from the emotion prediction values, for example, you can score global responses during the session.

Global Emotional Response

Global Emotional Response as the calculation of :

(Surprise + Amusement + Confusion ) /3

This will represent an average intensity of emotional reaction.

Global Emotional Response score interpretation

If the score is low (typically below 0.2), it means that not much emotional activity has been detected.

Global Mood

Global Mood is is based on amusement mean value

  • from 0 to 0.2 : Neutral
  • and between 0.2 and 1 : Happy

Global Mood score interpretation

This will give an estimation of the overall mood to know if it's positive or neutral.